We offer an array of hardscape services to our customers, such as patios and concrete walkways and driveways, just to name a few.

The fastest way to get a free estimate on any hardscaping service we offer is to have one of our professional team members come out and assess your property and talk with you about what you want. The first step is really that easy.

Here are just a few of the most common hardscape services we provide:

Driveway design ideas

  • Stamped concrete is a great way to upgrade your curb appeal. We offer a variety of stamp patterns and colors, and we can mimic the look of more expensive materials like natural slate stone pieces, cobblestone, we can even create a bricked look to your drive.
  • Because concrete is so durable and easy to maintain, it is one of our favorite hardscape materials to use. Another great aspect to using concrete is its low price, especially if you plan to resurface your driveway with smooth cement without design. It’s affordable, easy, and will last for a very long time.
  • Staining your drive can quickly enhance its aesthetic appeal, as well as, create an even more durable surface, which will make that driveway last even longer!

Concrete walkways

  • A stamped concrete walkway can help showcase out those colorful flowers and bushes surrounding your lawn. With a blend of stone and brick stamps, these textured surfaces help to bring about a cohesive, unique look.
  • If you don’t already have one, a walkway leading to your front door is a must for setting a strong tone to your area. If you do have a walkway but it is cracked and sagging, we can come remove the old and create a brand new walk for you.
  • Stained concrete can also be applied to your walkway and, just as it does for a drive, your stained walk will last longer and add a nice color to the surrounding landscape.

Patio design ideas

  • Our experienced team can create a patio you will love to show off. We can resurface a dull slab of cement to make it textured and attractive—and we most likely won’t have to demolish any existing concrete.
  • Adding built-in seating areas and a fire pit is a great way to showcase natural stone look in a cost-friendly manner.
  • Staining a patio enhances the aesthetic and provides an endless array of design and color addition possibilities. Not to mention it will keep your patio surface intact for a longer period of time.

Hire the Pros

Hardscape designs are incredibly detailed and often pretty complex, which is why you need to contact the pros for this type of service. With years of experience, The Landscape Guys are your best choice for planning and executing any hardscape plan, from small to big.